Pop Unmuted Pop Up: Taylor’s Shift

For this special “Pop Up” episode of Pop Unmuted, Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge are joined by music journalist Kira Grunenberg and music producer and Taylor Swift fan Mark Wudtke to discuss Swift’s new single “Shake It Off” and her new direction towards Pop.


Pop Unmuted Episode #1: Music Theory in Popular Discourse and Ariana Grande’s “Problem.”


In our first episode, co-hosts Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge are joined by music journalist Kira Grunenberg and Music Theory PhD. student Taylor Myers. We first discuss Owen Pallett’s articles for Slate and the role of music theory in the mainstream discourse of pop music. Then we move on to talk about Ariana Grande’s latest single “Problem" featuring Iggy Azalea. And we close with our Unmuted Pop Songs of the Week segment, where each panelist shares a bit of a song that’s been on their mind lately.

Say hello to the first episode of Pop Unmuted!

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Recently reformed group Sir Sly is now signed to Cherrytree Records and on its way to Alternative radio soon with their first radio single, “Gold.” Their sound has been compared to well-known on the format including The Neighbourhood, Foster The People, Coldplay, and Imagine Dragons; perhaps a good sign of what’s to come for the three-piece group from Los Angeles.

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Looks like Walk The Moon isn’t done just yet with their self-titled album, despite having since released another EP with newer material. Following top-ten hit “Anna Sun” and top-15 follow-up “Tightrope,” the band impacts alternative radio again this week with third single “Shiver Shiver.”

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The Neighbourhood just hit #1 on alternative radio with “Sweater Weather,” and Columbia Records is reacting quickly to its success by sending it to pop radio on June 18. That’s the week that summer begins, but perhaps pop radio listeners will look past the disparity between the song and the season to push the single to a new high.

Graffiti6 returns with “Wash My Sins,” the first selection from their upcoming sophomore album. While it’s unclear whether it will be pushed as a radio single, the instrumentals and production elements make it an engaging, ever-expanding song perfect for the sunnier months ahead, as is characteristic of much of their material to date.

Though “If I Lose Myself” failed to become a big pop hit, OneRepublic will try again with their third Native single, “Counting Stars,” being sent to Hot Adult Contemporary radio. It goes for adds there on May 27.

Churchill's second radio single, “The War Within,” follows top-three hit “Change” and provides another preview to the Denver-based band's upcoming full-length debut, due sometime this summer via A&M/Octone. It's most-added on the AAA radio format this week.

While Jillette Johnson's debut single “Torpedo” didn't make much of an impact on the airwaves, the second selection from her Whiskey & Frosting EP has the potential to be a big hit. “Cameron” is a new entry to the it-gets-better wave of songs that have done well commercially in the past few years, focused toward being comfortable with oneself through the perspective of a transgender titular character. The single is headed to AAA radio now as a preview to debut album Water In A Whale, to be released on June 25 through Wind-Up Records.